BAK is one of the leading manufacturer of plastic welding equipments, Extruders, Heaters and Blowers.



Ritmo has professional distributors and resellers all over the world. Our staff is ready to assist you in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arab, Italian and Portuguese.



Banninger Reiskirchen is a well known manufacturer of plastic pressure pipes and fitting working on a high quality and sefety fittings.



FRIATEC AG is a specialist company for products made of non-corroding and wear-resistant materials.



New Products Industries Co Ltd. (Neproplast) manufactures plastic pipes and fittings to international standards for pressure, non-pressure and ducting applications.

The SKZ has stood for competent training and further education for 45 years. Their wide range of courses and seminars ensure competent and comprehensive coverage of the manifold areas in the field of plastics. The choice of topics has been especially suited to companies working with all forms of plastics.
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Infrastructure worldwide is ageing by time. While developed countries water and gas infrastructure is not completed and remains to be constructed, hence decisions are to be taken of what material to be used to avoid what has happened in the more industrialized developed countries. Inside and outside piping system experience severe irreversible corrosive environment. Water and drain piping system if not protected internally and externally will rapidly deteriorate as the result of complex chemical reaction due to the presence of air, soil and electrical current. The choice of HDPE pipe and fittings surely reduces and remedy such problems, offering the best suitable piping system for the complicated environmental conditions prevailing in the Kingdom and neighboring countries.


Water Transportation:

  • Underground and over ground potable water system
  • Irrigation systems
  • Fire water systems

Distribution of Energy

  • Natural gas systems
  • Cooling water systems
  • Geothermal pipe systems

Discharges waste water

  • Deep sea discharge system
  • Sewage disposal units

Telecommunication Systems

  • Cable pipes f conduit

To ensure high quality HDPE pipes are produced, NEPRO is keen on:

  • Selecting high quality raw material suppliers
  • Purchasing top of the line extrusion machines
  • Following stringent QC/QA in manufacturing HDPE pipes
  • Conducting sample tests using state of the art laboratory equipment

Raw material supplier selection criteria:

  • Supplier has to be a member of PE100+ association to ensure receiving consistent level of high quality raw material
  • Evaluate sample of the raw material by ordering one-container load for production trial runs
  • Production trial pipe samples are inspected and tested in the lab
  • Supplier services and delivery capabilities have to meet NEPRO’s minimum requirements

The supplier is awarded NEPRO’s certificate of accreditation if all above conditions are met

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