BAK is one of the leading manufacturer of plastic welding equipments, Extruders, Heaters and Blowers.



Ritmo has professional distributors and resellers all over the world. Our staff is ready to assist you in English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Arab, Italian and Portuguese.



Banninger Reiskirchen is a well known manufacturer of plastic pressure pipes and fitting working on a high quality and sefety fittings.



FRIATEC AG is a specialist company for products made of non-corroding and wear-resistant materials.



New Products Industries Co Ltd. (Neproplast) manufactures plastic pipes and fittings to international standards for pressure, non-pressure and ducting applications.

The SKZ has stood for competent training and further education for 45 years. Their wide range of courses and seminars ensure competent and comprehensive coverage of the manifold areas in the field of plastics. The choice of topics has been especially suited to companies working with all forms of plastics.
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FRIATEC: Technical Plastics Division

Connection technology for pipe systems

Connection technology for pipe systems has always been an area which has been technically demanding. This technology is our world. For our customers it will always make up only part of their field of responsibility. That is why they appreciate having found a partner in FRIATEC who works with them and gives them the absolute certainty to have made the right decision.  

Always the right decision.
The more far reaching a decision is, the greater the responsibility of those having to make it. For over 100 years FRIATEC has stood for the certainty to have made the right decision. And this looks set to continue into the future.

Keeping a clear head
Connection technology for pipe systems has always been an area which has been technically demanding. And while we concentrate on connection technology, our customers can focus on the grand scheme of things, the final result.

Ensuring value
It is good to know that there is a company which prizes economic advantage to both its customers and itself: FRIATEC.

Optimising processes
FRIATEC products complete all tasks to perfection. In addition our efforts contribute to making customer processes simpler, more efficient and safer.

Protection of the environment
FRIATEC AG actively supports the preservation of natural resources and the global protection of the environment. It is our aim to ensure long term social benefit and positive effect on the environment by making use of the available technology in all business areas, procedures and products on our site.

Having reserves
Standards provide an orientation for manufacturers and users. Our customers benefit from the additional certainty that FRIATEC products invariably come with extra reserves.

We focus on connection technology for pipe systems. This allows us to come up with a highly specialised solution for all requirements in this area.  .

Everything within our grasp - always.
Those responsible for safety relevant areas need reliability when making decisions. The safest decision is to go for what is best. Come to the specialist for the best solution - come to us. Because we come up with a highly specialised solution for all requirements in this area.

  FRIALEN Safety Fittings

1. Exposed heating coil for improved hold
2. Longer fusion zone for more bite
3. Larger insertion depth for a perfect result

  FRIALEN Geo - The Safe Geothermal Energy System
The new FRIALEN Geo programme offers a complete package designed for safety and long life with which thermal ground probe systems from probe to manifold manhole can be constructed.
  FRIAFIT Sewage System

A material which convinces completely: HD-PE

HD-PE has been tried and tested for more than 40 years in both gas and water supply. The system convinces through a number of advantages which allow a safer and more efficient operation of sewage drainage systems - now and in future
  FRIATOOLS Technical Equipment

FRIATEC is pioneer for electrofusion of HD-PE pipe systems. The innovative developments, in this area have their roots in our company. Nobody knows more about this subject than we do. Obviously, we influenced significantly the development of suitable equipment and accessories from the beginning. Today, under the umbrella term of FRIATOOLS, we provide a sophisticated and complete range comprising FRIAMAT fusion units, the FRIATRACE database software right through to mechanical tools such as scraper tools and rounding clamps.

  FRIAGRIP Coupling and Repair Technology

Tension-proof, universal, simple handling:

The FRIAGRIP range provides the full breadth of constructions parts for universal use for tension-proof connection or repair. Couplings, reducer couplings, flange adapters, PE adapters and end caps.

Straub-pipe couplings

1. System independence: suitable for any pipe material
2. Flexible pipe joint: stress-free, compensates for tolerances
3. Easy handling: low weight, space-saving, no pipe-end preparation or special tools
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