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FRIAGRIP Coupling and Repair Technology



A great number of different pipe materials with varying external diameters has been employed historically over the course of the years for gas and water pipe systems. The specific challenge for the connection technology has been to cover the breadth of the spectre as economically as possible and to provide maximum safety every time damage occurs.

One system for all materials

FRIAGRIP: the universal sealing and grip system for tension-proof connections of any pipe material and any diameter. FRIAGRIP enables repair or connection of pipes made from steel, cast iron, fibre cement*, PVC and HD-PE**. Deviations in diameters of up to 44 mm can be bridged using one construction part. FRIAGRIP components allow you to be always prepared for any eventuality. Also, your storage needs can be considerably reduced.
* With fibre cement pipes tension proofness cannot be guaranteed.
** When used in connection with HD-PE pipes, our inner supporting sleeve (SHVA) is required.

Uniform torque, tension proof connection!

One essential handling advantage of FRIAGRIP products is the uniform torque for all pipe materials which is indicated on every product in order to increase safety in processing. In addition, due to the tension-proof design of the components, with FRIAGRIP there is no need for a counter flange.

One system for all applications!

In the FRIAGRIP range you will find the complete range of universally applicable components for the tension-proof connection or repair: couplings, reducer couplings, flange adapters, PE adapters and end caps.

Flexible connections for specific requirements:
The speciality range

In addition to the FRIAGRIP range we supply further mechanical connections which are adapted perfectly to each area of application.

Flexible connections for specific requirements:

The Speciality Range

In addition to the FRIAGRIP range we supply further mechanical connections which are adapted perfectly to each area of application.


The Stainless Steel Repair Clamps are perfectly qualified for the repair of pipes made of steel, cast iron, asbestos cement and PVC. Due to its specific design, FRIACLAMP can be used under difficult environmental conditions and allows a time saving and simple installation. All bolts could be tightened on a defined torque due to the improved closing mechanism. The result is a save sealing, even on corroded pipe surfaces.

Ultra Range

The flexible Ultra Range programme is predestined for the repair of fibre cement pipes. The patented seal bridges diameter deviations of max. 34 mm and thus may also be used for steel, cast iron, PVC and HD-PE*.

  • Maximum angle from pipe axle: 8°
  • Dimension ranges DN 50 to DN 300
  • Design as coupling and flange adapter

* When used with HD-PE pipes our internal supporting sleeve (SHVA) is required.

Wide Range

The seal from the Wide Range series bridges pipe diameter tolerances of max 17mm and is suitable for the same pipe materials as Ultra Range.

  • Maximum angle from pipe axle: 6°
  • Dimension ranges DN 50 to DN 600
  • Design as coupling, reducer coupling and flange adapter

Standard Range

Products of the standard range are manufactured individually according to specific project indications. The dimension range is DN 50 to DN 1500. The seal here is designed for each external diameter and bridges diameter tolerances of max. +/- 2 mm.


The products from the AQUAFAST range are used for the tension-proof repair of water pipes made from PVC or HD-PE where fusion cannot take place due to water leaks. There is no need for the standard internal suupporting sleeve due to defined pre-tension of the double O ring seal.

  • Dimension ranges d 63 to d 315
  • Design as coupling and flange adapter
  • Coupling as slide-on coupling, flange adapter may be used in connection with blind flange as tool for pressure tests.


The tension-proof AQUAGRIP flange adapters are used for the repair of HD-PE pipes in the d 315 to d 800 range. The required internal supporting sleeve is integrated into the construction part so it cannot be lost. Due to the type of construction a simple assembly is guaranteed even if water leaks out.


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